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“Osovina voljnih” u EU – brani Evropu od migranata

Priredio: APC   foto:Rojters BERLIN/VIENNA, June 14th – Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and German Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer want to establish cooperation at the regional level with Italy in order to prevent illegal migration. Austria, Germany and Italy want to co-operate within the “Axis of the Willing” in refugee policy, …

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Porodica male Medine puštena iz pritvora u Tovarniku i prebačena u Centar za tražioce azila u Kutini

priredio:APC    foto:APC ZAGREB, June 6th – The family of six-year-old Afghan girl Medina Hoseini, who died tragically after being hit by a train at the border crossing between Croatia and Serbia, was released after more than 70 days in detention in the Transit Center Tovarnik and transferred to a shelter for …

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Predstavnici Balkana u Sarajevu: Zajedničkim akcijama sprečiti nezakonite migracije

izvor:Beta        foto: Beta SARAJEVO, June 7th – At today’s meeting in Sarajevo, representatives of the Western Balkan countries committed to jointly prevent illegal migration, smuggling and trafficking in human beings. Representatives of Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece attended the meeting titled “Facing the …

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Djurovic: Upotreba sile protiv izbeglica u Hrvatskoj neće rešiti problem migracija

izvor: Beta   foto: Dado Ruvic / REUTERS BELGRADE, June 2nd – Director of the Asylum Protection Center Rados Djurovic assessed today, as the Croatian police wounded two young migrants with firearms, that the use of force against this population is not legally permissible and that there are other ways to prevent …

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APC/CZA u sedištu UN na panelu o globalnom dogovoru o migraciji među članicama UN-a

priredio: APC   foto: APC NEW YORK, May 20th – Representatives of APC / CZA participated in the panel held in the United Nations in New York on May 14th this year, on the occasion of the beginning of the fourth round of intergovernmental negotiations on a global agreement on migration among UN …

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Novi migrantska ruta preko Bosne i Hercegovine

priredio: APC  foto: Al Jazeera SARAJEVO/ZAGREB, May 8th – The migrant crisis has reached Bosnia and Herzegovina. More than 100 migrants enter Bosnia and Herzegovina daily, Slobodan Ujic, director of the Foreign Affairs Service Bih told Radio Sarajevo that this trend will continue in the future. (English version below) SARAJEVO/ZAGREB,8. maj – …

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